PlanMaker [Guest Post]

Sometimes it might be difficult for you when you come across Complex calculations, therefore, you require for software to get out of them. Perhaps PlanMaker is an excellent software that easily sort out the complex calculations, where you can also create worksheets and charts in the spreadsheets. This will, however, enable you to sort out the data in a well-organized manner, giving you a wide range of options to add columns, edit, remove or even copy the desired data. It supports some of the most specific formats like that of XML. 

The PlanMaker Viewer is considered as a simple program that works with any kind of files taken from the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. It can even help you to work with XLS files where you can also send these files to people all over the world. Before you could actually take printouts you can also preview the entire data in PDF format so that you can go through it in order to verify and confirm. You can very easily find the planmaker download option that enables you to make use of the entire software. Along with the plenty of useful extra features, you can ultimately enjoy some other additional features associated with it.


  • Latest version: 5.1 
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7
  • Update date: August 07, 2018
  • Developed by SoftMaker
  • License: Free


The planmaker software is well equipped with many interesting features. Each of the features enables the software to be one of the most perfect and compatible software. 

  • It is fast as well as the most powerful software which is just as good spreadsheet program should be. 
  • Creating the PDF of files is absolutely very easy and simple.
  • Making use of the planmaker viewer you can very easily open or even save the files in various formats such as XLS and XLSX.
  • You can very easily perform 350+ calculations on this software. 
  • Make use of the pivot table, decent charts, cell commenting, highlighting the syntax as well as the diagrams that are freely available for you. 
  • The planmaker free download also has some excellent tools such as auto-filling and auto summing that will enable the software to make them automatically. 
  • The features are enabled with an option to exchange worksheet that exists between any version of the program that you use.
  • The planmaker templates will enable you to make use of graphics functions so as to implement various effects like that of brightness, mirror effects and many more.


If you can download the software, it enables you to make use of extensive content editing facilities.

  • The software is completely embedded with built-in formulas that can be used instantly.
  • Along with planmaker templates you can also make use of graphics features available in it.
  • It is extensively well known for a 3D chart rotating and also supports pivot table.
  • Some of the third party programs such as Google Drive, Dropbox can also take advantage of it.


The planmaker download comes with some of the disadvantages which are said to be overcome in the future. Some of such disadvantages are as follows, 

  • Abruptly it does not have any facility to support macro coding, which is said to be one of the major drawbacks associated with it.
  • It has a limited number of presets that can be used by the individual.
  • The software also lags in supporting Windows XP.

About all planmaker free download enables you to make use of the software along with the trial version. Therefore the free download option will enable you to go through various options and use all the features associated with.

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