How to Heal a Foot Sprain

You know, there are a lot of bones, joints, as well as ligaments from your ankle to toes. They are easy to injury. A stretched ligament will cause a sprain. Once you have a foot sprain at any part, it’s best to see your doctor. Then, you can determine the status of injury. Sometimes, you also need a help from crutches and a boot. For a foot sprain, you may have to take several months or even more to heal it. Now, let’s check out this article to learn how to heal a foot sprain. 

Definition of A Foot Sprain

This foot problem is divided into 3 grades from the mild injury to the serious injury: Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III. This foot problem normally happens in those who play certain sports. Actually, the food sprain is related to distinct areas, including mid-foot and the first metatarsophalangeal joint. 


After considering all of your symptoms, your doctor wants to know the exact way your foot got injured. Then, you need to give him/her some information as your occupation, participation in sports, recreational activities, as well as previous foot surgery. You even have to tell your doctor the types of shoes you have worn. 

If you feel pain when bearing weight on your foot, you may need a physical examination from your doctor. If there is any more severe foot injury, your doctor will ask you get X-rays of the foot. 

Expected Time

You can heal your mid-mid-foot sprains within a few weeks. For more serious sprains, you may need to take two months or even more. In general, the pain of a foot sprain can be reduced after two to three weeks.


In fact, you can prevent foot sprains thanks to stiff-soled shoes in some cases. They are used to stabilize your foot. In addition, you can prevent sprains through a stretching and strengthening process. 

Handle Minor to Moderate Foot Sprains

See your doctor if necessary

There are many symptoms of a foot sprain you can see as bruising, pain, and swelling or even your joint cannot move. If you think you get a foot sprain, call your doctor. He can give you a physical exam. Then, he lets you know the severity of the current injury. If the foot sprain prevents you from standing on the foot, you need to see your doctor right away. 

Give your foot some rest

For a foot sprain, it’s important to get plenty of rest. You shouldn’t take part in any activity that may lead to pain. If you feel to pain and can’t bear weight on it, it’s best to get a help from crutches or a cane. 

Keep the sprain in ice about 40-60 minutes a day

This is essential until your sprain is improved. This method is actually effective to relieve swelling as well as pain. No one advises you to put ice to your skin directly because this may give a hurt to your skin. Instead, use an ice pack. Also, you can use a towel to wrap ice before applying it to your skin. 

Use an elastic bandage to squeeze your foot

You need to snug your foot without cutting off circulation. Some bandages come with clips, so you can use them to keep it. If there is no clip, you can use medical tape for this. 

Reduce swelling thanks to elevating the foot

To do this, your foot needs to be kept higher than your heart’s level. We recommend you to do this as regular as possible. In fact, this can decrease blood flow to your foot. Then, your swelling will become disappear gradually. 

Take pain relievers

If you want to control pain and swelling, you can take pain relievers. Sometimes, you need also anti-inflammatory medicine. Remember to use them according to the instructions listed in the label. 

Treat Severe Sprains

Wear an immobilizing cast under your doctor’s guide

There may be a lot of significant ligament damage related to a serve foot sprain. To heal it, you need to immobilize your foot as much as possible. You can get an immobilization cast from your doctor. Also, he let you know how long you need to use it. 

Consider surgical treatments for a serious foot sprain

If you have a serious sprain, you may need to suffer from a surgery. First, your primary doctor will take you to a foot specialist. The fact is that you will become a friend with a boot for 4 to 8 weeks after your surgical reconstruction. Depending on your injury’s severity, this process may take about 16-22 months, or even longer.

Start activity again

You can try Nasara Kinesiology Tape while performing exercises or regular warm up.

Begin light activity first

If you want to do this, it’s essential to check with your doctor. Make sure you can put weight on your foot. Only when you feel no pain, you can begin walking. It’s best to take walks for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, increase the time of your walks gradually. 

Wear a pair of shoe insoles

It’s a good idea to wear a stiff shoe insert. It can be able to support you during your recovery. Besides, you can also use stiff-soled shoes once you have to put weight on your foot. Avoid wearing unsupportive footwear when you walk. For example, wearing flip-flops can make your injury worse. 

Stop any activity if there’s any pain

This is necessary if have any sharp pain. At this time, you need a rest for 20 minutes. Only by this, you can reduce the discomfort. If the pain continues after your activity, call your doctor immediately.

See a physical therapist 

If possible, you should see a physical therapist. A bad sprain can cause many other problems such as arthritis as well as other joint issues in life. A physical therapist can prevent you from complications. If you don’t want to see a physical therapist, you should ask your doctor for stretches and exercises. They are great for your specific injury.


As we know, most sprains can become better over time. It’s best to avoid participating in activities that can bend your feet. If you don’t know how to heal the foot sprain, you may have to face long-term complications. Hope our sharing today is useful for your foot sprain!

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