Disadvantages of Android Oreo – Cons/ Drawbacks (8.0)

Since with the launch of latest Android version by Googles so it may have some advantages and Disadvantages of Android Oreo, there are very much positive as well as negative impacts and thoughts from users.

So, keeping the advantages of Android Oreo aside today, lets have some talk about the negative side of Android Oreo/ Drawbacks of Android Oreo or Disadvantages of Android Oreo.

Drawbacks / Disadvantages of Android Oreo 8.0

1. New OS Bugs:

Since this is the new android version, therefore, there will be bugs inside Oreo 8.0 now. Latest launched version always have a drawback related to fixing of bugs and unusual performance.

Lets see what Android Oreo comes up with.

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2. Android Oreo battery life issues:

Since this is the latest android version and has heavy OS, it will be clearly stated that it will consume more battery as compared to previous version.

But it can come up with feature related to faster battery charging to overcome the issue.

3. Apps closing issue:

I can be seen that in this update there can be issue realted to apps closing forcefully if placed in sd card of a smartphone.

So, try to keep the apps in the internal storage of the device in order to insure better performance.

4. Update failure:

It has been put into notice that since google has launched beta version of Android Oreo so there can bee some issues regarding failure in updates. And some issues in bluetooth conectivity too.

5. Update in Few Smartphones:

Only 1% of the smartphones are getting Android Oreo update and only devices running above Android Lollipop is compatible for Android Oreo update.

Google will not be giving this android update on smartphones running below Android Lollipop.

6. Themes and Background Changes:

With the upgrade in Android Oreo, users are facing issues regarding the interface of the device.

There is no change in wallpapers but an adaptive change in theme icons. But the notification panel has got a big thumbs down due to its colour.

The white colour notification panel has been very annoying for the users.

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